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The Inter·GLAM project co-produced track of the Lisbon Addictions 2022 conference, 'Global perspectives on addictions and drug markets'  will highlight human stories focusing on local and community actions, and under -resourced and -represented settings and stakeholders, through short communications, roundtables and debates, videos and other formats.

See all the sessions in the Inter·GLAM Track here: https://www.lisbonaddictions.eu/lisbon-addictions-2022/tracks/global-perspectives-addictions-and-drug-markets

Inter·GLAM produced 6 sponsored sessions in the I·G track (click below to open a summary of each session):


The Inter·GLAM Track themes

Five sub-topics or strands run through the track, each represented in a different way in the conference:

global digital Global issues: how are social demographic, information technology, political, environmental and other global challenges impacting on drug use, drug problems and the drug market? The Inter·GLAM working group addressing this topic ran a backcasting exercise workshop as part of the Lisbon Addictions track to envisage "a future where digital tools are used optimally in the field of substance use and substance use disorders, globally, by 2030".
 cargo ship New market challenges: market flows, novel and new psychoactive substances and medicinal products The major session of the Inter·GLAM track brought 4 distinct expert perspectives to bear on the phenomenon of drug market resilience: See details of the session here 
 media represent  Drug use, lifestyles and settings The working group addressing this topic focussed on the development, impact and congtrol of 'Media Representations and depictions of drug use, addiction and drug markets', exploring the influence of a variety of stakeholders on drug- and addiction-related media content
 diversity policy Recognising global diversity in public health responses; putting evidence into practice in different cultures and settings This Inter·GLAM working group developed a session to explore diverse drug policy from the perspectives of gender, service providers, sensitivity to youth, and people who use drugs: 'Drug policy: socio-political influence, cultural diversity'
 covid Impact of the global public health crisis in the addictions field

This topic ran through multiple sessions in the Inter·GLAM track, including a number of externally produced structured sessions and e-posters, and the three I·G Cinema screening sessions:


The Inter·GLAM Cinema and video competition

Within the frame of the collaboration with LxAddictions22, Inter·GLAM has organised a video contest for audiovisual pieces relating to any of the main areas/ thematic tracks of the conference, with a selection of videos entries shown in the programme of the Lisbon Addictions 2022 Conference (23-25 Nov 2022), in the Inter·GLAM Cinema.

The video competition is now closed, and the prizes have been awarded, under the two competition categories:

  • Category 1 : creatively showcasing an innovative scientific, technical, or civil society activity
    • 1st prize: Steroidelab: Using a social media campaign to reach anabolic steroid users in need of treatment (Norway)
    • 2nd prize: The PriSUD-project - an explainer (Norway)
    • 3rd prize: A trip through Kosmicare's drug checking service (Portugal)
  • Category 2 : to communicate and bring visibility to stories of impactful and insightful lived experience
    • 1st prize: Between us (Belgium)
    • 2nd prize: SUMAYA (Uganda)
    • 3rd prize: Connecting with Care – Toronto (Canada)
  • Lisbon Addictions People's Prize: The Workshop of Life (Greece)

Click here to see the Inter·GLAM video competition entries...


Overview of the Inter·GLAM track

The complete I·G conference track overview, with details of all sessions, speakers and activities, will be available on the Lisbon Addictions 2022 website: https://www.lisbonaddictions.eu/lisbon-addictions-2022/tracks/global-perspectives-addictions-and-drug-markets